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Evga 132-SE-E775-KR - LGA2011 Intel X79 Chipset Atx Motherboard Sata 6GB/S DDR3 PCIE3. 0 USB3. 0

132-SE-E775-KR5 Star Rating
132SEE775KREvga 132SEE775KR LGA2011 Intel X79 Chipset Atx Motherboard Sata 6GBS DDR3 PCIE3 0 USB3 0 Image 1
132-SE-E775-KR By Evga

132-SE-E775-KR the most efficient EVGA motherboards upgrade. Among the features for this product is the evga 132-se-e775-kr - lga2011 intel x79 chipset atx motherboard sata 6gb/s ddr3 pcie3. 0 usb3. 0. Additional features include evga 132-se-e775-kr and new - retail. The EVGA MB has a weight of 5 lbs. To assure your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll supply you with some pointers prior to buying this product. To ensure you aren't disappointed after buying it also in accordance with the item you require. Additionally, there are cost comparisons from retailers that I found, which means you really get the best value at present for this main board. 132-se-e775-kr, click the link below.

evga intel chipset motherboard sata

Price: $324.58

Features List

  • New - Retail
  • EVGA 132-SE-E775-KR
  • 3-Month Warranty
  • EVGA 132-SE-E775-KR - LGA2011 Intel X79 Chipset ATX Motherboard SATA 6Gb/s DDR3 PCIE3. 0 USB3. 0
  • Qty: 1
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

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