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Evga - 130-SB-E685-KR - Z68 Sli Motherboard

Evga - 130-SB-E685-KR - Z68 Sli Motherboard5 Star Rating
Evga 130SBE685KR Z68 Sli Motherboard
Evga 130SBE685KR Z68 Sli Motherboard Provides Power To Your Pc

Evga 130SBE685KR Z68 Sli Motherboard, a great main board manufactured by At Evga the ideal main boards improvement. The part number for this EVGA MB is 130-SB-E685-KR. The motherboard weighs somewhere around 3.35 lbs. There are several producers that make electronics, with all of those varieties offering different pricing. While you are getting a main board, look for an extended warranty. Be aware that extended warranties can be obtained, but they come at a cost and they are often times unnecessary. From the world-wide-web just a few clicks of the mouse away it is simple to make as little or as much basic research on the items that you want to purchase as you wish. Best price for the evga - 130-sb-e685-kr. If you want a good deal for this EVGA MB, click on the market button below.

evga motherboard they committed highest best

Publisher: At EVGA
Model: 130-SB-E685-KR
UPC: 763615724111

At EVGA they are committed to give the consumer with the highest and best quality in relation to products like this Exclusive Z68 SLI Motherboard By EVGA. 0 Ports, 2 USB 3. 0 Ports, 2 SATA III/6G Ports, 3 SATA II/3G Ports, Support for SSD Caching, 2 1394 Ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 8 Channe By selecting EVGA Z68 SLI Motherboard - we know you chose right, basically because at EVGA they are dedicated to meet consumers' satisfaction. 0 Graphics Expansion Slots, 10 USB 2. EVGA Z68 SLI Motherboard SPECS: Supports Intel Core i5 and i7 Socket 1155 Processors, Intel Z68 Chipset, Enthusiastic Layout Supporting 2-way SLI plus Phys X or Cross Fire X, 4 DIMM Dual-Channel DDR3 2133MHz+, 3 PCI Express 2.

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  • Weight: 3.35 lbs.

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